Turned Bowls

Cypress Spalted Oak Cherry Red Cedar Osage Orange Maple Osage Orange
Cypress Pear Spalted Oak Spalted Oak Spalted Oak Spalted Oak Spalted Oak
Osage Orange Pear Spalted Oak Pear Dogwood Spalted Oak Pear
Spalted Maple Cypress Dogwood Osage Orange Cherry Spalted Oak Mystery Wood
Spalted Oak Dogwood Cherry Spalted Oak Oak Mystery Wood Cypress/Walnut
Spalted Oak Large Cherry Cherry Walnut Cherry Spalted Oak Mystery red wood
Spalted Oak bowl again and the bottom Spalted oak bowl with undercut lip other side Cypress  
Mystery red wood Red Cedar Bowl Bowl from oak wood chip again and again More mystery red wood 15 inch red cedar
Pear Bowl Magnolia Spalted Plate Gnarly old wood from the lumber pile... no clue. Da Bottom :)    

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